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................About Us..................
​The first time Alicia and I locked eyes, something changed in both of us.  I played softball with Artie B. (her father) for years and never did I know he had a daughter!  He was smart to never tell ANYONE, but the night we met, magic happened and a spell was cast!
  I saw Alicia and said, " hey, are you Artie Barlow's daughter??"
  She of course said yes, who the hell are you?
  I told her that her DAD gave me his bat because I was so successful with it, and she thought I was a Liar of course.. Nobody had her Dad's approval, nevertheless,
I was lucky enough to convince her of the situation...!
  Her Dad saw me and said, "Hey Leesh this guy Kerry is an absolute doofball so be careful" I looked at him while he told Alicia this and all he did was smile at me and give me the thumbs up, all the while telling his daughter to stay the hell away from me!!
  Long story short, Alicia and I are together and WE are ready to entertain and make everyone's stay with us unbelievable!!
  We have the best place around and thank god , Artie is my best friend up there..
  Anyway, before I end this ridiculous story, I have to mention the reality behind our decision that made us move forward with the purchase of the Glenmoore...
  Alicia and her family vacationed there for over 30 years and when the place was up for sale, Artie wanted to put his Mom's place up for collateral, but it didn't work out.
   WE accepted our fate and shortly thereafter found out the place sold!
  She cried and I said, "if it's meant to be the deal will fall through but at some point, we'll be able to buy it and it will be ours"
  Honestly, I was just talking smack! But sure enough,  after my father died, we were in bed one night and we got the call," The deal fell through do you still want to buy the place!?""
  I immediately sat up and realized it was meant to be and here we are 3 years later!
  I don't know how far we'll make it, but I swear we are the best people for the job. We learned a lot the first couple years, but at the end of the day we love what we do, and we won't stop until everyone that stays with us loves it and can't wait to come back!

R.I.P.  Kerry Kevin Smith. 8/20/47 - 11/17/14. My hero, My dude, My Dad. 
Without you none of this is possible. We all miss you so much. I love you